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       Review your data carefully before you submit it to us.
         What you put down will go to the Court exactly.

Please fill in the information requested below and submit it to us when finished. We will get back to you with the cost (court fees, our fee) and your file id. After you have youy file id, you can submit your documents, identified by your file id, together with your payment.  Upon receipt of your documents and payment, we will file your documents and report back to you.
Please Note:
-   All information requested below need be submitted only on the initial referral.  We
    will keep track of all of your case data for any subsequent filings in the same case.
-   If the filing party is a business, put its name in the "Last Name" field. 
-   If you have no information for a required field, put "none".  
-   If you want to include more than one party as a filing party, so indicate in the
    "Comments" field. 
-   If the person whom we are to contact is other than the filing party, de-select the 
    check box at the head of the form below and go to the "Contact Us" page and fill in 
    the input form with the client data requested there.   

-   For all subsequent filings in this case, simply submit the documents you want filed
    with the client id we give you the first time you filed a document.                             

       Fill In Unlawful Detainer Data                   Request Service Assistance

                                        CAPTION DATA 

                                     Required In All Cases, First Time Only  
            Complete fields at bottom of page for assistance in serving documents. 
                      Unlawful Detainer Landlorlds Continue Input Below This Form  
                                        Submit all data at the same time.

  Filing Party is the One Whom We Contact
Filing Party First Name: *
Filing Party Last Name: *
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Zip Code: * (5 digits)
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Email: *
Case Number:   (If one is assigned)
All Named Plaintiffs: *  
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Exactly as Alleged in Complaint


Street Address:
Monthly Rate:                                                                                    
Daily Damages:  Monthly rate divided by 30                                                                             
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(Identify all other parties in this action.)
(Submit data for each party identified.)

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