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Can I e-file in Orange County without using SoCal E-File?

Is it free to e-file in Orange County without using SoCal E-File?

Then, why use SoCal E-File?

How do I start the process with SoCal E-File

Does SoCal E-File provide services other than e-filing assistance?

Any other special services provided by SoCal E-File?

Will SoCal E-File tell me what forms or pleadings to use or if my forms and pleading are incorrect?

Can I find an attorney who can help me other the phone?

What about Court forms? Where do I find them?

Do I have to pay a Court filing fee every time I file doc-ments with the Court?
Yes.  You can go to the Court's web site and follow directions.  The address is

No.  The Court requires that you submit your docu-ments for filing through one of the four "Portals" estab-lished by the Court.  You have to pay their "portal fee" and any Court filing fee, of course.

The do-it-yourself process using the portals in Orange County is not simple.  By using So-Cal E-File you simply send us your documents, give us a little necessary information about you and your case, and we do the rest.  We pay the portal fee.

Select the "Start the Process" option in the navigation panel at the top right of this page.  Detailed directions and explanations are contained on that page.

Yes.  One unique service we provide is we review your documents before filing to insure that they comply with Court formatting requirements.

Yes, we can serve your documents on all opposing counsel and parties as required by law.  We insure this is done correctly, and we automatically file the proof of service with your documents.

No, this service can be provided by an attorney only

As an additional service, SoCal E-File can refer you to legal counsel who will answer your ques-tions at a reasonable rate. You can find the link to counsel by tabbing to the "Forms and Court Fees" page.

Official Judicial Counsel forms and the Court's local forms can be found on the Court's website. SoCal E-File provides convenient links to the sur-rounding courts form page and fee page on our "Forms and Court Fees" page.

A Court filing fee is not required every time you file doc-uments, however the portal fee is.  SoCal E-File will let you know before you file whether or not a fee is requir-ed and, if so, how much.  SoCal E-File pays the portal fee as part of its service to you.

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