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 SoCal E-File Can File Your Court Documents

Electronic Filing in Orange County Courts

                      We Will Answer All of the Court Questions For You

        Just Send Us Your Documents  and a Little Information, and We Do the Rest:

        What We Do For You

        -    Assemble Your Documents
        -    Select the Lead Document
        -    Select the Correct Form Category
        -    Bookmark Your Exhibits
    -    Insure Your Documents Comply With Court Formatting Requirements
    -    Serve Your Documents on Opposing Counsel and Parties
    -    Report Back to You
    -    Attorney Advice to Correct/Avoid Errors    


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                                                       Legal Assistance

                             OTHER SERVICES

Serve (E-Service, Fax, Mail) Your Documents on Opposing Parties 
        The Rules of Court require that you serve a copy of all documents filed with the Court on all opposing parties and counsel.   Just give us the name and address of the other parties in your case, and we will do the rest.

                                                                                Get Help Serving My Documents

Process Service or Messenger Service
We can refer you to a process server local to where your documents must be served, and we can arrange for a messenger to deliver a courtesy copy of your documents as well.

Legal Advice: For
m Fill and Form Selection
We can refer you to an attorney who can is willing to assist you over the tele-phone in selecting the proper form and filling it in, or drafting your pleadings and motions, or just answer a question. 

Ask a Legal Question

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